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Blockchainova is built for blockchain, crypto and ICO industry professionals.

Easily search for Blockchain project collaborators, partners, developers, advisors, investors and other support role services. 

Be part of the Blockchainova Private Mastermind community - with optional open dialogue about protocols, company growth strategy (behind NDA). 

Monitor industry news - we partner with media channels and curate the most relevant news from these sources. 

Gain site-wide exposure for your company/project. 

Blockchainova members enjoy select event discounts and other group-buy benefits. 

Post jobs, find qualified and experienced applicants. (FREE job posts for Equity Partner and Founding Member Accounts)

Add to the combined roadshow schedule and meet other Blockchainova members (only Equity Partner and Founding Member Accounts can add to the calendar).

Blockchainova is the ecosystem or "universe" specific to blockchain companies including :

The blockchain ecosystem includes:
  • ICO Marketing Agency
  • ICO Advisor
  • Blockchain Development Agencies
  • Whitepaper, Graphics and Design Agencies for ICO
  • Blockchain and Crypto Journalists
  • Blockchain Media
  • Blockchain and Crypto Events
  • Blockchain Developers / Engineers
  • Legal and Accounting Services for Blockchain
  • Venture Capital Funds Focused on Blockchain
  • Corporate and Enterprise Blockchain 
  • Investment Syndicates and Pools for ICOs
  • Blockchain Mining Companies
  • Crypto Traders
  • Security Firms for Blockchain
  • Public Relations and PR Marketing for ICOs
  • Wallet Providers
  • Digital Token Exchanges 

The number of professionals now working in blockchain, in some capacity, globally, is now in the millions...

  • How do you find the blockchain and ICO agencies that deliver?
  • How do you find the not just well marketed but genuinely reputable professional advisors for your project?
  • How do you find the developer or engineer (individual or team) for your project?
  • How do you sort through the pending Initial Coin Offerings for projects worth investing into or advising on?
  • How do you locate strategic partnerships and collaborations?

The blockchain world was first bred out of the engineers who built it. 

Their communities are now well established. 

The "mainsream" growth was then a by-product of Bitcoin and crypto assets -- because of this, the pools of crypto enthusiasts are also easy to access. 

But where are the blockchain company founders? The blockchain and ICO (TGE) advisors? The legal, security and other professionals who hold a reputation and specialized knowledge in blockchain?

They are scattered on social networks, tech databases and industry lists. 

Or were. 

Blockchain is rapidly maturing and enterprise projects, government initiatives and institutional money are helping to bring large-scale, real utility and potentially global impact projects to the mainstream. 

Blockchain company founders and their teams and investors are further pushing for the same.

There existed a need to provide a "hub" for the B2B segment of Blockchain. 

... With ability for easy job hires, strategic growth discussions, private networking events, project exposure (promotional benefits), fee-based short-term advisor and support recruitment, ranking systems for agencies and advisors (not compromised by paid boosts) and other vehicles to facilitate the professional collaborations and deal-making that needs to happen for Blockchain to become as valuable in society as it currently is "in theory" and "on paper". 

How Blockchainova Works

  1. Create account: (1) Equity Partner membership (Oct 2018) (2) Founding Member accounts (Nov+Dec 2018) (3) Public launch, general accounts. 
  2. You'll be contacted by Blockchainova support to get you setup with all of your membership level's benefits:
  3. Receive immediate access and private-use of the industry's largest B2B professional database - and immediately search based on geo-regions, titles, and other criteria to support your fund-raising, strategy collaboration, recruitment or sales/marketing goals.
  4. You'll be added to the private mastermind (NDA signing required) for high-level strategy and growth discussions with other company founders or top-tier industry professionals. 
  5. We'll advise you on how to access all other member benefits including site-wide advertising, group-buy advantages (for other services and advertising), exclusive discounts (select event partners) and similar. 

    As institutional money, blockchain/crypto government initiatives and corporate blockchain, along with well funded and experienced, professional blockchain startup teams continue to join this blockchain universe, Blockchainova will continue to grow as the single, largest, specific database and community for the industry with the most relevant tools for deal-making and blockchain company growth.

Comparables and Competitors

Blockchainova currently has no competitor... that will change as the industry grows. 

Blockchainova does, however, model certain "comparables" for the features, functions and advantages those brands and platforms have brought to their respective industries.

Network Statistics

We are the home to the B2B sector of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and TGE (token generation event) or "ICO" (initial coin offering) professionals.

This includes founders, co-founders, executive teams, corporate, ICO marketing firms, speakers, trainers, influencers in the industry, crypto exchanges, media channels, ICO listings services, TGE legal and accounting firms, blockchain security firms, investment groups, product manufacturers, blockchain event producers and more...

Our network by titles:


Blockchain Executives


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Blockchain Investors

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Sample profiles

Rob Toth

Rob Toth Toronto, Canada

Title: Co-Founder, ICO Fundraising, Blockchainova Founder
#blockchainova, #fundraising #growth
English Forward, Blockchainova
Francis West

Francis West Malta

Blockchain Engineer, Futurist, Founder of FogBox
#engineer #futurist #developer #founder
Key (Karnika E. Yashwant)

Key (Karnika E. Yashwant) India

Pioneered ICO Marketing, ICO Advisor, Ex-CTO of NewsBTC
#ICO #ICOAdvisor #Strategy #ICOCampaigns
KEY Difference Media
Mitch Rankin

Mitch Rankin South Africa

CEO, Co-Founder of
#strategy #executive #leadership
English Forward


  • 2018 Q1
    Research needs and solutions for the maturing Blockchain market.
  • 2018 Q2
    Secure Blockchainova strategy, brand, domains network, channels to ready for development and growth.
  • 2018 JUNE to AUGUST
    Develop the blockchain industry's largest B2B database of founders, executive, professionals, investors.
  • 2018 OCTOBER 15
    Go live with webpage version 1 (alpha)
    Lock in limited-seats for Equity Partner Accounts and non-equity Founding Member Accounts
  • 2018 Q4
    Continue development on back-end member profiles, B2B network and website.
  • 2019 Q1
    Roll-out more deal-making (partnerships, investments, collaboration, services, jobs) features and modules.
  • 2019 Q2
    Reach 400,000 registered blockchain industry members (and achieve market-wide brand recognition)
  • 2019 SUMMER
    Host "Helicopters, Tanks, Blockchain and Budapest" Founding members invite-only mastermind event.
  • 2019 Q3
    Launch Blockchainova Exclusive Partner
    Discounts program

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